About us

Who we are...


Our current leadership has a multi faceted approach and nuanced view of business in a market driven economy.  Bargain Xpress is driven to meeting the demands of both its suppliers and customers in providing good quality goods and services at the most affordable and competitive prices.

The group is committed to a hybrid business model which incorporates the development of business outlets that serve both as retail and wholesale stores.


The Bargain Group is committed to excellence at a Bargain. We emphasise a good standard of service, the cheapest prices and customer satisfaction. 

 Bargain’s carries a wide range of products to cater for both domestic and retail needs.

The Group has a number of Bargain Xpress stores which are concept stores located in different areas.

Applying its innovation and upholding its commitment to customer satisfaction the Xpress Stores offers a premium shopping experience to all its customers. The design of these stores is more elaborate offering greater shopping convenience at affordable prices.

We have efficiently staffed stores and our employees are personally committed to offering the best quality of service to all our customers alike.


Despite global market trends which signal negative growth indicators the Bargain Group remains committed to its core values of interconnectedness and interdependence as it sustains a trajectory of sustainable growth. The group continues to create employment where South Africa faces triple challenges of increased poverty, income inequality and growing unemployment. The group has used an approach that has fused labour intensive workplace design with mechanization which yields a greater labour force.